Require crown button to exit ambient mode?

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Require crown button to exit ambient mode?

Post by bitflung » Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:26 pm

[EDIT: not sure if this feature was added in later firmware versions (I hadn't fully updated yet when i posted this; didn't realize i had to update iteratively through each posted version) --- the feature does exist and i've enabled it. very happy to have it :) ]

Just got my tiwatch 2 and am still feeling my way through it - so far I'm delighted :)

I'd love a way to lock the phone into ambient mode such that only a crown button tap would exit that mode. is this already a feature i can turn on somewhere? i've been hunting through the options and settings but can't find anyway to set this, so i think it might be a feature request then...

my issue is that my jacket sleeve keeps hitting the screen and it tricks the ticwatch into thinking a finger tapped it - the screen keeps waking up and burns more power than needed. my sleeve hits it and wakes from ambient within 2 seconds during normal use. i doubt that was the design intent.


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