make an app for the first time help

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make an app for the first time help

Post by paresh90 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:12 pm

ok so the story is i like my ticwatch its handy and kool and i moved from a pebble watch to this (sold the pebble)
on my pebble i had a simple app on there (downloaded from there store) that was essentially a score keeping app. in my case it was for badminton (however it was just racket sports in general)

so after purchasing this ticwatch2i andorid version 5.1 ticware 4.8.0 intl i can see there is no such app for this which is a bit of a let down but still not end of the world

so my question is this...i want to make an app SO SIMPLE that it should take me a few minutes but for some reason i can not get my head around this GIThub stuff and complicated wording and files and such,

The app i want to make is simply have the screen divided into 2 sections Top Half (opponent score) and Bottom Half (my score)
if i tap on the Top half of the watch then the number on the top increases by 1
if i tap on the Bottom half of the watch then the number on the bottom increases by 1
and somehow (what ever is the easiest method) to reset the numbers back to 0
the screen will also need to be always on (however it can be on the lowest setting)

there are other features but for now this is all i am looking for. can someone help me in the right direction on how to make this kind of app.
also to note i have an iphone (if that makes any difference)

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