My Ticwatch 2 Review

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My Ticwatch 2 Review

Post by stern.easy » Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:44 pm

I already posted this Review in the Facebook group but for better documentation or retrieval it might be useful to post it here again. This way the mobvoi-guys can find it better if they want to read sth again.

I will bring up some of the issues I had (and maybe will have) again in seperate threads here in the forum. It might just take me a while to do so (don't have too much time atm..). So here it is again:

Build Quallity and Packaging

The Ticwatch 2 comes in a black box with a kind of woven finish.
Everything looks and feels sleek and valuable. The Watch is nicely displayed, wrapped around a little pillow and the user guide aswell as the assesories are stored in little black boxes. So opening this Box makes you expect receiving a high quality sophisticated Smartwatch.
And a high quality sophisticated Smartwatch you get!
Build Quality is flawless. The stainless steel looks amazing having a polished ring right around the screen, ending in a brushed aluminum watchcase.
The crown is manufactured wiggle-free and pressing it feels smooth, too. The screens glass has deburred edges so you can clearly feel the crossover point between screen and steelcase. Only flaw I see here is that this glass-edge mirrors a tiny little bit of the display which sometimes cuts through the sleek and simple design of the Tic-OS. (All in all however, this is a highly specific criticism but might be considered as possible improvement for Ticwatch 3.) The watchstraps are maufactured perfectly. The stitches in the leather fit perfectly and even the smallest little part of the silicone strap does not have any fringes. Thumbs up for that!!! In fact: The silicone straps are looking so good and upscale - I decided to use them instead of the leather straps for daily use (even though leather straps were the no.1 reason why I bought the oak version ;-) )

Pairing Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

I am using the Galxy S6 edge running Android 6.0.1
My Ticwatch is at Android 5.1
Ticwear-Version Tic_4.2.6_intl
I did not have any problems pairing whatsoever! Just downloaded the Tic-App for the phone, activated Bluetooth and scanned the QR-Code on the watch. Everything was running perfectly from the first moment. I do not have any strange disconnects or pairing issues. So there is nothing else to report about.

Tic-OS / Responsivenes / Hardware-Software-Synergy

I love the Design of the OS!
Some people might say "heyy this and that looks like copied from iOS" - So what!? iOs is an awesome Operating System and I do not see anything bad in learning from the best. OS looks sophisticated, simple and is very intuitive!
It seems like Responsiveness was no.1 on mobvoi's to do list. Every single swipe, every single use of the scroll and tip-part on the frame works precisely and absolutely intuitive. I did not expect the resonsiveness to be THAT reliable!! Well played Mobvoi!
Gesture-Registration must have been no.1 1/2 on the same list. The "tilt to light up" functionality is extremly precise. You raise your arm to look at the time and it lights up. You turn your arm back down and the display switches to ambient mode. Not even working on the computer using the keyboard, picking up a pen and turning back to the keyboard makes the watch light up. But as soon as you do the little movement from the keyboard towards your chest in order to have a nice view at the watch - it lights up. Chapeau!
The movements you have to do with your wrist/hand in order to navigate through the cubic OS are very intuitive and thought through well. It is an absolute pleasure to handle stuff, awnsering messages, making calls etc. without even touching your device.

Battery Life

The Battery Life is decent.
The first day I hat the Ticwatch I started with 95% at 08:30 am and came home from work at 19:00pm with 25% left.
The second day I did not play all the time so I came home at the same time with 45% left.
The third day I really just used the watch for looking at the time and reading messages when i got some and I came back home at 70% (this time not 19:00pm but 15:00pm).
So in general you do get throug the day without any trouble. And I guess the longer you have your watch the less you play with it just for the cause of using it because it is so awesome :)
Thus you will never have problems running out of battery during a normal work-day. What I will find out later during regular use will be how the battery life lasts going out or having a couple of beers with your friends after work. Might be that sometimes you will not be able to know what time you came home. But the good thing is: Nobody can say it was beacuse of the alcohol ;)

Voice Assistant

The Voice Assistand understood every single word I told or asked it for - but my girlfriends Name :)
"Call Irena" always ended up in "Sorry, Irina not found" - But this might change as soon as german language is supported. Otherwise I will just call her Irina from now on because TICWATCH KNOWS BETTER!
But asking for restaurants, weather or news always worked. I have to admit: I am not using the voice assistant very much for I am in Germany, speaking german and dont want to answer german messages in english.
Wifi-Connection (esp. hidden Network)
Wifi-Connection works perfectly as long as your wifi is visible. I did not manage to connect ticwatch to a hidden wifi, even if i already logged in while visible. So that is something, mobvoi should really try to fix in the next updates because I will not keep my wifi visible just for my watch.

Bluetooth Headphones

I loaded some music on the watch to test the bluetooth connection to a third device.
I had no trouble pairing my Sony H.ear on MDR-100ABN while being connected to my phone at the same time.
BUT the sound quality was not as good as listening to music from the phone directly and ther were a lot of little lags so the music did not run fluently. Therefore running with the watch and listening to it's music with bluetooth headphones leaving the phone at home will not happen for me.
I did not do any runnings or training yet so I can't say anything about the functionality of the health and fitness apps. But the heart rate monitor seems to work quite well as I do have a slightly high pulse which the ticwatch did recognize.


All in all I did not expect to get such a flawless and thought through product from a Kickstarter-Campaign.
I am really impressed to have a high end product which is playing on the same level as samsung or the apple (if not even a bit higher) - for in some cases less then half the price!

I totally recommend the ticwatch 2 to everyone who wants to have a flagship-smartwatch. Especially considering there will still come a lot of OS improvements for this is still a Kickstarter Campaign and development is coming...

Big Thanks to the whole Mobvoi Team for creating this little wonder and still being awesome AND generous in terms of customer services!!!

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Re: My Ticwatch 2 Review

Post by iSasFTW » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:10 pm

I completely agree. Hardware wise the device is flawless. Feels great on the wrist, actions are fluid, great build quality, great design, etc.
The software is great, but it needs improvement. I love how some parts of the OS feel like iOS and some like Android's material design. It definitely needs improvement, especially in localization, as you said.
It's not useful to reply to a message in English, when I'm carrying on a conversation in Finnish. I think this could be quite easily resolved by using the Google speech-to-text software for languages other than English and Chinese, which the watch already has support for.

The only thing I'm really wanting, is a watch strap that plugs in to the electrical contacts meant for the developer dock. This would open up so meny possibilities, specifically contactless payments would be really nice to have.

Great review!

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