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by sureshot007
Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:54 pm
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Topic: Caller ID always says "unknown"
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Caller ID always says "unknown"

I have a Google Pixel with Ticwear v4.14.0_intl. Whenever my phone rings, the watch always says "unknown" instead of showing the name OR number of the caller.
by sureshot007
Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:42 am
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Topic: Solutions for Android phone pairing issues
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Re: Solutions for Android phone pairing issues

I can't get bluetooth connected on my new ticwatch2. Version 4.14 on a Pixel running 8.1.
Just won't pair. App in first post doesn't work, as others have mentioned. Tried a number of restarts and resets.

Let me know if this is expected behavior and I'll just return it.