Beta Version of international Problem

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Beta Version of international Problem

Post by tonyatme » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:31 am

Beta Version of international

International version does not have androidwear mode, so can not to the install aw software
There is too little software in the application store
The positioning within the software is very unclear
International version of the store, there are many in the Chinese version software is not added to the inside, so that can not download
Hong Kong users can not use the Chinese region software
No support map installed on the watch is wrong
Navigation part: the use of push way to navigate, only the text display is wrong
In addition to Google Map can be used text display, the other maps are no way to show
Voice function only Mandarin and English, this is not too humane, if you join Cantonese will be better
Cannot use voice to turn on navigation

I ting it is too many questions, hope to be amended.

Hong Kong users

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Re: Beta Version of international Problem

Post by Gaby » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:52 am

@tonyatme thanks for your feedback!

Both Chinese version and International version of Ticwatch 2 run on Ticwear OS without supporting AW. And international version doesn't support maps, navigation. But it has built-in GPS and can track your workouts.

We're working on making more apps available in the application store,please kindly be patient.

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