Disappointing support from Mobvoi

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Re: Disappointing support from Mobvoi

Post by SadMobvoiFan » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:51 pm

Hi Staceman,

I recently had a drama with Mobvoi return exchange process so I came to this thread. I then realised I am not the only one experiencing the immaturity of mobvoi's after sale support and their poor issue management process.

I was like you, bought a Ticpods from them, it's faulty, and instead of asking for a refund, I asked for an exchange giving Mobvoi a chance (cause I am a fan of their Ticwatch). I sent back the faulty unit, and Mobvoi sent my replacement unit to US while I am in Australia :roll: My parcel went from Hong Kong to Singapore to US, just not Australia. :lol: I had to track down the parcel by going to US post website to prove they have sent it to the US. After chasing Mobvoi support, talking to more than 6 support reps, they still told me I have to wait for their logistics to confirm. :shock:

It's more than a month now and my money is with them, and with the faulty item returned, I am left with nothing right now.

Perhaps you should just get a refund so you don't end up in my boat.

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Re: Disappointing support from Mobvoi

Post by andtodo2 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:20 am

pip233 wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:33 pm
Also i'm very disappointed in Mobvoi. My story won't be read be many people included the mobvoi staff, because it is long, but i write it anyway.

The first product i bought was the ticwatch 2. I find it a beautiful watch and i think it still is. When it arrived i was happy with it. In the few months i got very many updates for the ticwear os. So i thought the support and after product care is great. The firmware started with 4.10 and ended after a few months with 4.14 beta. But that was the end. More difficult is that the ticwear apps never updated. Also some apps that work on a android wear 2.0 watch could also be installed on the ticwatch 2 but won't work, because it isn't a android wear watch with google play service installed. So on this moment the ticwatch 2 is useless and i wear my huawei watch again. The watch wasn't expensive, but when not in use it is.

The second product that i bought, but more and more i think that maybe that wasn't a smart choice, was the tichome mini. Even if it was more expensive then the google home mini i found it a beautiful product and also liked that it is being portable. I bought it 17 oktober, but it took a few months to arrive where every time it was another excuse from mobvoi that it took so long. It arrived on 14 december. When connected everything went fine, but it lacked some features like broadcasting. In the meantime it never received a update. More then a month ago google changed something so that you can set a alarm waking up with music. The alarm on the tichome mini got broken on that moment saying:" Your alarm is set on --:--. Sorry, there seems to be a glitch, try again after a few seconds."
But after more then a month it is still broken and it is the same thing i hear when i ask it to play a nature sound even that is still working.

The company started good, but now it good much problems with aftercare for there products and buyers. Logistic and after support for there products is bad. When you buy a innovating product like a smartwatch and especially a smart speaker it is important you keep it updating. Else i'm afraid i end up with a bricked and useless smartwatch or smartspeaker.

If the policy at there company about aftercare won't change this will be the last product i have bought and i won't recommend it to nobody. It is hard, but they need to care more for the costumers or it will be the end. I know they are small compared to company's like google, but the will lose buyers this way. they had great reviews for the ticwatch 2 and tichome, but if this stay words will get out and people will stay off there products.
Same or close problem as you. Two ticwatch 2 watches had the back battery blow out. No support, no money back Worst kickstarter company I have supported. Will never support again.

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