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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:58 am
by chris_s_botha
I have a Ticwatch Pro.
The language in my phone is US English.
And so, displaying the temperature on a Ticwatch watch face displays in Fahrenheit.
I can change the language of my phone to UK English, then it displays Celsius, but then the voice of my Google Assistant is a female voice with that British accent, and I don't want that (no harm intended).
For Google Assistant to work properly on my watch (so that it talks back), the phone language must be US or UK English.

Here is the thing:
I installed a watch face (by Master) from the Play Store.
It allows me to set the temp. to Celsius, and it works just fine.

So I want to ask Mobvoi to please change their watch faces that I can see Celsius.