[UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

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Re: [UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

Post by Jimbo888 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:36 pm

Re: order TIC_EU_1512
It appears my order is stuck somewhere in UK.
My order shows on the Landmark tracking site as having arrived in the UK on 25th Nov. but it is 30th Nov now and the local courier Yodel’s website still shows them as waiting to receive the parcel, with no estimation of delivery. I've contacted Yodel and they say that they have not received it yet.
Is the watch stuck somewhere at customs or something? The Landmark tracking shows it as Customs Cleared and in UK. I haven’t received any contact from anyone. I paid the tax amount to you when I ordered.
Can you help?

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Re: [UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

Post by Hecpons » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:43 pm

Ok, I understand that people who were backers and supporters on the kickstarter should get their productus first, since they bought it first... duh!!!! Nonetheless all updates on shipping and when will ticwatches will be delivered is targeted only to kickstart supporters, but there is no info or cosideration to other buyers! For instance, are you making me wait until you've figured out your custom issues in India or other places? Supposedly you already shipped them, or at least are trying to, but in the meantime, is it not possible to start shipping to other countries to fulfill orders from other parts of the world, or at the least let us know when to expect our orders! And hopefully your answer will be different than the one I got on Facebook: “I am sorry ticwatch E shadow has out of stock, we are trying our best to send replenishment, please kindly wait in patience.” —> i don’t think the one that replying understood my request, I’m no trying to buy a watch, I just want to know where is the one I bought and when can I expect it to arrive!
I am an understanding person, I know issues can arrise that delays shipping and I understand that somethings just are out of your control! But I also think that we are entitled to some info.. some HONEST, REALISTIC and ACCURATE info...
My order is TIC10630
Thank you!
Hope you are well

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Re: [UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

Post by Klindten » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:14 pm

samfong wrote:
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:11 am
Klindten wrote:
Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:34 am
Hey Samford
My friend and I preordered the ticwatch E on the 5th of November. I think my friend bought it on the european store, and I did on the global. We live in Denmark. He paid vat or something and I think maybe it has something to do with customs, I'm not too sure, but I never saw any option to pay anything to clear customs. Furthermore he has received a tracking number two days ago, and I still haven't (even though I bought it first).

I realise that there isn't much of a question in there, but I would like to know if theres is a difference in how the orders are handled on the two sites. My friend said that if the parcels gets picked up by our local postal service, they might hold the parcels for some time until they are cleared. Do you know if they get sent with whatever global currier all the way?

I'm looking very much forward to receiving the watch at some point, but I realise it might take some time longer than first expected.

Kind regards
Hey Klindten!

Since your friend already paid VAT via the EU store, he should be able to have the parcel delivered straight to his address. However, because you ordered on the global site and did not pay customs, you might have to go down to settle the clearance fees on your own.

If you could provide me with your tracking number, I could check on the status of your order for you.
Hey Samford
Maybe I have been unaware, but I didn't see any options to buy from another store at the time. I didn't see any warnings about customs and fees anywhere, but I am a rookie in shopping over the internet from across the world. Anyway, I hope I will get some info, when I do need to go and pay the fee, as I have no idea where to do that.

As of now, my parcel is still in Hongkong. Tracking number: 405678492536 [EDIT: Parcel is in Heston, UK as of wednesday 6/12]

My friend just received his watch today, hope I will get mine in time for christmas at least!


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Re: [UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

Post by 199724 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:24 pm

Battery life: Expect a battery life of around 6 hours with extreme light use.
Shipping: Amazon holiday shippers have priority because this is new money. Kickstarters already paid so no need to rush.

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Yuri Periche
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Re: [UPDATE] Battery Issue and Current Shipping Status

Post by Yuri Periche » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:30 am

I'm very worried. I bought my Ticwatch Pro watch on December 11 ($ 249.99). I have the order number but I still do not receive any email with any tracking code.
I tried to enter the web http://wechat-platform.chumenwenwen.com ... query.html but did not give me any tracking number.
I will be grateful to confirm the status of my purchase or shipment, or an explanation of why I have not received the tracking number yet.
Waiting for your answer.

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