Is there audio in this smartwatch?

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Is there audio in this smartwatch?

Post by ChIP_83 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:16 am

I recently bought the Ticwatch E, I updated it at the hour, but I have a problem with the "audio" part of the smartwatch.
Basically it's as if the speakers did not exist. When I receive the notifications the watch vibrates but it does not emit any sound. Google assistant answers me only textually and not vocally. Also if I go into the accessibility settings it makes me download the "female-Italian voice" but anyway the options to test the voice remain gray, almost disabled. When I try to change the ringtone in the settings, there is no sound to make me "hear the new ring".

In short, it's just as if the speakers were not there and this thing is a bit annoying.

How can I respond?

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