Warning! Purchase, Cancelation, Refund

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Warning! Purchase, Cancelation, Refund

Post by xxmanikxx » Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:16 pm

Hello! Just thought I'd share my experience buying through Mobvoi.

Came home late from work on Thursday (December 5th). Decided I was going to reward myself and finally purchase a Ticwatch Pro. I had already been researching and checking prices online. Saw that Mobvoi had it on sale with a coupon code. I ordered it fine on the website but was surprised by the shipping and delivery times, which they don't finalize until after the completed purchase. To my dismay, I was informed that it could take anywhere from 7-10 days for delivery to my home in Texas. Due to those factors, I decided to cancel and purchase it from Amazon (2 day delivery).

I first attempted to contact Mobvoi through email support to initiate canceling my order (literally 10 minutes later) and everything was fine. I purchased the watch from Amazon for a similar price same night. By Saturday (December 7th), after work, the watch from Amazon had already been delivered. When I opened the box I relealized I ordered the wrong watch, a Ticwatch S2. I have shipped the Amazon watch back and already received my refund (December 10th). I am still waiting for Mobvoi to issue my refund.

The responses from Mobvoi support we're pleasant and informative with my issue, but that is still a very long delay in a canceled order. I literally bought another watch, had it shipped, shipped it back and received my funds back in the same amount of time it took for Mobvoi to handle the cancelation.

I still plan on buying my Ticwatch Pro, but not through the Mobvoi official site. If you value your time and money, I believe you should buy from an outside vendor. Still waiting for my refund...

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