TicPod not working - one earbud has no light

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Re: TicPod not working - one earbud has no light

Post by wprosper » Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:09 pm

I've had this issue a few times. The five tap solution does work, but you'll need to tap the buds firmly half way along their length and count:

1 "and" 2 "and" 3 "and" 4 "and" 5 tapping each bud firmly on the number count.

If it works you should hear an ascending chime sound in both buds. If you don't hear. it has not detected the 5 taps. So, try again.

The trick is to pause between taps, ie. saying the word "and" in between

I hope this helps, sometimes its the small detail that makes the difference 😊

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