Feature request - Tickle Touch to wake-up

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Feature request - Tickle Touch to wake-up

Post by dotmobi » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:56 pm


I've recently purchased Tic Watch 2, I see there are couple of options you can wake up the watch e.g. Hardware push button (The watch crown), Tap on the touch screen, and Tilt to light-up.

Some of these options comes with advantages & disadvantages over one another, e.g. the Tilt to light-up & Tap on the touch screen are too sensitive & drains battery to a good extent while if disabled you're left with only the hardware push button (The crown) to wake-up the watch - which is cumbersome sometimes.

I was looking for a feature to wake-up the watch using Side Tickle, i.e. when the watch is in sleep mode then by tapping (or touching/rubbing twice etc.) on the Side Tickle twice to wake-up the watch.

Hope to see this option coming soon!


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