Accessing health data

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Accessing health data

Post by lubomir.moric » Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:13 am

I am familiarising myself how to write a watch face for TicWatch Pro 3 GPS. I have working watch face and now I am trying to get some sensor data: Heart rate, SPO2, SDNN, Steps.
Getting steps is quite nicely described in development page, registering an observer to "content://com.mobvoi.ticwear.steps": ... l#doc/5/20.

Accessing other data is now for me only possible by subscribing a listener to a sensor. However, whenever such subscription exists, sensors continuously monitors that requested asset, which means continuous measurement of Heart rate, SPO2, SDNN, causing heavy battery drain.
I created a workaround: when data from sensor are received, I unsubscribe for next N minutes (e.g. 60 minutes) and only after that interval I subscribe again and measure fresh data.

However I do not like this approach, as I do my own measurements only for the purpose of watch faces.
I would prefer to be able to access data collected by TicHealth app or even sensor's "last readings" cache, as it is displayed using command "adb shell dumpsys sensorservice ".

Is there any other "content://" I can register to and get these data? Without a proper documentation, I can just guess, but no luck so far.

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