TicWatch Pro 3 GPS hangs

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TicWatch Pro 3 GPS hangs

Post by peter.audooren » Mon Jul 05, 2021 6:52 am

Hi all.
Have not found another way of getting this issue to Mobvoi's attention. If there is another, better suited channel, than I'm interested to learn.
Here's the problem:
- TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, Wear OS 2.28, System version H MR2, Android Security patch March 5th, 2021, latest versions of all apps, fully updated
- The watch is connected and used with a Motorola Moto G8 Power, Android 11, again all apps fully updated.
- On the watch: open Google Fit and start training, in this case hiking
- On the smart phone, start Google maps, select a destination and start navigating (walking to a particular destination quickest road)
- on the watch, while the Fit training continues running, press top button, and select Google Maps from the list of apps
==> As soon the Watch switches off the display ... it hangs: no way of returning to either app, not even open the menu or re-starting the watch.
- long press (like 10 seconds: watch appears to be responsive again. re-start hiking training (on the watch open Fit), re-open Maps ==> same problem

Guess something contains a bug?
Thanks for fixing!
Kind regards, Peter

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