suggestions for future watch features

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suggestions for future watch features

Post by dragnmastralex » Fri Sep 17, 2021 4:39 pm

I know Mobvoi is trying to set their products apart from the rest and come out with really great watches so I have 5 suggestions for a future flag ship model to have in order to be better than Apple and Samsung.
  • solar panel charging. since they are experts at putting in multiple displays on the watch face they can slip in a transparent layer that is actually a solar cell. this would help the phone battery stay alive longer when out in the daylight and have an even longer lasting battery than all the other competitions.
  • custom alarms, notification sounds, and ringtones. the ability to customize your watch face is great but it feels incomplete without the added ability to also make the watch sound like you wish. Imagine you can get your notifications to sound like Dick Tracy's communicator watch or the original power rangers beep. bring in the fun and make all your friends want one too.
  • the ability to switch and pair with a new phone without doing a complete factory reset. we update our phones quite often, the need to redo the entire watch set up every time does tend to get a bit frustrating. If we could have our mobvoi log in as a sort of gateway when we get a new device that we could just switch and pair the phone up with the watch without doing the reset that would save so much time and headache.
  • rotating crown. the ability to scroll simply by turning the outside crown keeps fingerprints and smudging to a minimum on the screen. this helps if you do decide to add the solar panel into the watch face as a dirty face would hinder its ability to charge.
  • blood pressure monitor. the only thing missing from the fitness side of the watch which auto updates to google fit is the ability to monitor blood pressure. really helps complete the whole healthy picture when we don't have to rely on other external devices to do what the watch is missing.
thank you for your attention I hope to see some or all of these ideas in your future products as I love the current products you offer and want them to be so much better.

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