Ticwatch Pro: Pro/Con

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Ticwatch Pro: Pro/Con

Post by MWPollard » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:47 pm

There is currently no Product forum for the Ticwatch Pro, so I'm posting this under Development - which is more correct than posting it under a different product.

I have a Ticwatch E. Is there a list of pros/cons between the Ticwatch S/E and the new Ticwatch Pro?

These are a few things I see right now:
Ticwatch E Ticwatch Pro
44x13.55mm 45x14.6mm
Plain Marked in minutes (unclear if it rotates)
MTK MT2601 Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 - Significant performance improvement
Battery life rating:
48 hours Smart: 2 days, Mixed mode: 5-30 days
Features the other does not have:
NFC that works with Wear OS

Since I prefer a plain bezel (any markings are part of the custom face), this is a plus for keeping the E.

Since the battery life improvements seem to be based on the new LCD over-layer, it seems I can expect the same "Smart" life that I get now, which is about 14 hours. It would be interesting to see metrics when using the LCD display and all other "smart" features enabled.

Interesting note: The new chipset for the Pro supports LTE, one of its big improvements, but the Pro does not support direct cellular connectivity - or does not list it. (http://www.shiningintl.com/supports/tec ... -solutions)

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