USB data cable wiring

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USB data cable wiring

Post by axa » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:19 am

This might be a generic usb question but thought id ask here...

Ive been looking for a dock that i can park my TIC watch E on, one that supports a data connection, but all ive find was chargers that only connect the power and ground with the other pins unconnected.

Disassembling the doc and simply connecting the other 2 pins, D- and D+, ive found not to work... connecting to a pc only spawns a 'USB malfunction' error.
So there must be some magic in the original cable...

What ive found is that often the 5th 'ID' pin on the micro USB is either shorted or pulled to ground, but im unsure how this would be done with only 4 pins, and also having each pin being electronically isolated from each other (infinite resistance)
So unless it has active circuitry, im not sure what would be happening,

But something is happening.
Any info on how the USB is wired would be appreciated.

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