TicWatch E. "OKG" not working.

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TicWatch E. "OKG" not working.

Post by mcferry » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:52 pm


To be honest this is a feature thats been not working for me for a solid month , but part because i can make it work pressing the button and some heavy work loads i had to finish of the year its been a thing i left to the side (too much)

So... I have a Ticwatch E since... June if i recall correctly , lovely device , i'm so happy with it the but i been experiencing some dificulties with the OK Google mechanic. it simply dosent activates via voice , but it works properly if i'll press the button long enough to launch the google asistant.

I spend the last couple days trying to fix it and its been a failure.

Things to take in consideration.

Yes , I have the option activated.

Yes. I updated the system.

Yes. I rebooted the device with and without the option enabled.

The Google asistant works fine when its activated via button it discards the mic problem or voice recognition.

Yes. Its conected to the wifi and phone (And those conections work properly as i get phone notifications and when phone is off i can access Google store.

Any ideas? its a known issue? How can i solve this , its not a crucial feature but at work it comes very handy to do math conversion with voice.

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