Tichome Mini Dead

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Tichome Mini Dead

Post by KSbacker11 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:43 am

I got the Tichome Mini for Christmas in 2017, but the battery no longer holds a charge and now the speaker will not stay on. It will power on, but shortly after will die. I’ve made sure the cord is charging, but it is still not staying on.

I saw that there was a one year warranty, but what about after that? The speaker isn’t even a year and a half old.

I even backed the Ticwatch 2 on Kickstarter, but it looks like they don't even sell the Tichome mini anymore. If Mobvoi realized that their batteries are bad enough to pull them off the shelves, I sincerely hope that they will still help out your loyal customers who believed in them.

Has anyone cracked one of these things open and tried to replace the battery?

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