Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

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Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by Mobvoi » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:52 pm

Dear Kickstarter backers,

We are thrilled to be shipping your Ticwatch to you! AND we’re happy to say that our software team did keep its promise -- we successfully pushed Day 1 OTA, which we believe will provide a better and a more stable user experience to all our backers.

Sending out this quantity of smartwatches at once isn’t easy, especially] sending them around the whole world to over 150 countries. We’ve learned quite a bit from our previous Kickstarter campaign, and we’re looking to provide a smoother shipping experience for the our backers. As mentioned in the previous update, we have explored new global logistics methods through which we can lower the overall handling fee and import tax to backers. Our goal has always been sending out all the watches to you as soon as possible without breaking the promised date we had with Google. We know some of the backers are eagerly waiting for your watch, and in this update, we want to update the community on the latest status. Meanwhile, we are uploading all the tracking code to our system. ( ... query.html)

-- US backers

According to our system, over 4,000 US backers have received their Ticwatch. There are around 1000 packages queueing to be picked up by the plane. As it is the busy season of the year, it is taking some shipments a bit longer than we expected. But once it is on the plane, it will usually take no longer than 2 days to arrive. All the newest update, please refer to our tracking site.

-- EU backers

There are over 3,000 backers who opted into our special service that can lower the handling fee and VAT, and these watches have all arrived at our European warehouse before 18th and will be shipped from there. We have uploaded half of these backers’ tracking codes to the system, and we are still waiting for the warehouse to send us the other half. The shipping within Europe will depend on the local carrier. For shorter distances, it might only take two days, but for longer distance it may take longer. We believe once you got your tracking code, it will be easier to project arrival time for each destination.

The other 1,000 backers who didn’t opt in our service will be sent directly via DHL. They are all packaged and queueing for the plane as well. Once it is on the plane, it should take 2 days to arrive in your country. However, you may need to do your own customs clearance.

There are around 400 backers’ addresses that were written in different languages or with wrong addresses (our logistics partner’s system do not recognize special characters). Our warehouse is trying to contact these backers and update the addresses. We will push for more efficient operations.

-- Canadian backers

To lower the handling fee and VAT for our Canadian backers, we chose to work with a special direct Canadia line. The shipment was sent on Nov 14th, we did encounter some issues with custom. We are hoping we can finish the customs clearance by this Friday, so the Canadian post can finish the rest of the journey from there. But, if there are any delays, the timeline will shift back by a couple more days. Fingers crossed!

-- Australian backers

All Australian backers are queueing for the plane as well. Once it is on the plane, it shall be very fast. We think realistically AU backers will receive the watch by the end of this week or early next week. We apologize for the delay as we didn’t expect we will be queue this long to be on the plane….

-- Indian backers!

Our dear friends, as we tried very hard to reduce issues with customs, we were not very lucky this time. We are sorry that there was an internal miscommunication before, as we thought the watches have arrived the local warehouse, but actually, they hadn’t. We sent the packages to India and it got rejected by the custom and sent back. We are actively communicating with our shipping partner and will try another way to send to India. We will update the community once we have an update.

-- Others

The situations in some countries are more complicated, and we are handling them case by case. For example, for Brazil, Indonesia and Kuwait will need to provide tax code and we are collecting them and send the watches out. We will be uploading the tracking code to the system while we are processing it.

Whew….that’s almost everything for today! We have encountered some minor setbacks because our shipping partners have been very busy. But we are hoping to provide quality products and service to the best of our ability! For those who have received their Ticwatch, if you encounter any problem, please contact us via If you are happy with the products, we’d like to invite you to join our #TicwatchArrived photo contest on Facebook! We will be selecting the most liked photos every day along with a $200 cash giveaway to the winners. Join us!


Best Regards,

The Mobvoi Team

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by derek831 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:22 pm

This sucks

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by AndyDaws » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:11 pm

I am livid I paid the extra money upfront to reduce costs checked the other day querying why the watch was in Hong Kong. Told not to worry! Queried again as no answer told how can we help you? Answer my question I reply.

I read today that if with DHL I have to sort out customs etc myself! That's why I paid extra submitted my transaction details etc

What are you going to do about this?

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by aneelrahim » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:09 pm

Can you specify your specific problem with shipping in UAE?
As i know that there is no issues in sending shipment to UAE as previously i had shipment of expensive mobile and other accessories from Hong-Kong, Singapore, Russia, etc. Which came safely without any issue.
Please provide some update to me as i have sent you email at support but did not get any reply.

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by Salt505 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:10 pm

Still no tracking info for me in the USA...

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by BasGenk » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:34 pm

The tracking site said he cannot find my email adress. Is this normal?

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by puggy » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:55 pm

Further to my call yesterday to DHL they have just sent me this email.....

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please be advised that the mentioned tracking number has not yet been collected. Yesterday you were told it would be 4-6 weeks delivery, however, we do not have the item yet so we are unable to suggest a delivery time.

The paperwork has been generated using one of our online tools however the shipment has not yet been physically collected or scanned by DHL.

Please go back to the shipper and confirm the correct tracking number or confirm it has been sent.

Should you wish to contact us, please phone DHL Customer Services on 0800 800 020, Monday to Friday 7am – 12am and Saturdays 8am – 3pm or visit our website on

Yours sincerely,

Juliet Pamela
Customer Services
DHL Express (New Zealand) Limited

So my question now is why have these watches not even been picked up yet? Please be honest in how long delivery will be as you say this week for Australia but DHL say they know nothing, and we have 2 days left after today.

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by prrasu » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:17 am

Then for Indian backers , why the courier name and code is coming.
Please check. It is Chance courier for Indian backers with code.

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by xco » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:26 am

I ordered on 18 October and haven't heard anything since, when will I get my tracking number and item? I also see than your now selling this item at $60 as part of Black Friday special. Maybe we should have all waited instead of paying $79 which was supposed to be a special intro price. Nothing special about paying more than everyone else

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Re: Kickstarter Shipping Status Update

Post by longlife » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:36 am

Hi Mobvoi team,

Thank you for the update and that's quite unfortunate things went that way.
Currently I have nothing more than a tracking number with "shipment information received" here in Japan too.

Japan was not in the list of countries covered by your statement, could you let us know what to expect? (Maybe similar situation as for Australia/NZ?)


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