TicPods are garbage!

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Re: TicPods are garbage!

Post by jigar7 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:54 am

Yep! Totally garbage!

Recieved my ticpods 12th Oct 2018. Ordered on 6th May 2018.

Good design
Like the magnetic case
Sound quality is good
Only good for music playback

Audio-Video lag of nearly half a second
The lid of the box should have been tighter and less flimsy
The touch controls are nice.... when they work.
Touch controls trigger accidentally at times
Bluetooth connection drops and reconnects randomly
During a call, the voice crackles and the ticpods need to be reconnected, and the issue keeps looping after every couple of minutes.
Mobvoi doesn't really care about the Ticpods
Lag issue hasn't been acknowledged by Mobvoi

When I asked Mobvoi to acknowledge the lag issue, they ignorantly said that it's a common phenomenon. They never mentioned if it could be fixed or not! My guess is, it can't be fixed since the sound is lagging and not leading. Probably its a hardware issue and not a software issue.

They did offer a refund however. I really hope I can recover all the shipping and custom duty charges ASAP!

This was such a waste of time and money! Was really excited for this when I saw the campaign. now I can't even look at it twice! Definitely
sending them back. Will invest in the newly launched Marshall Minor 2. They look quite promising and have a 12 hour battery on a single charge. Gesture controls not needed I guess.

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Re: TicPods are garbage!

Post by jigar7 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:24 pm

I received my Ticpods via Indigogo on 12th October 2018. Ordered on 6th May 2018... LMFAO!

I was patient all this while, but when I actually got the product, I was extremely disappointed! These last few months were a total waste of my time and money. Will be returning the Ticpods for a full refund.

Magnetic Case
Good design
Great Sound (Only for streaming music)

Flimsy box flap, could break easily, the hinge should have been a bit tighter.
The touch controls are great when they work, which is a 50-50 hit or miss
Audio-video lag is unbearable (Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, VLC), tested on PC, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone X, Samsung S7 Edge
Lag is mostly due to the lack of Bluetooth 5.0
While on call, voice crackles after 1-2 minutes and have to quickly disconnect-reconnect every time
Connection drops with the Ticpods randomly.
No firmware updates since launch even though there are a lot of consumers complaining about the lag

Personally, I think the lag cannot be fixed, since the sound is lagging and not leading. Anyway, I won't be waiting for a firmware patch because when I contacted Mobvoi support for the ETA of the firmware update, I received no positive response and was given the option of a refund.
I think this is a failed product, it's not on sale anywhere else, no mention of this on the official Mobvoi forum either.

Customer support is quite casual an uninterested in solving this lag. They told me it was a "normal phenomenon". Well, let me tell you, it's not normal. I've owned a lot of 20-50$ wireless earbuds and apart from sound quality, I never faced any lag issues while streaming videos.

Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for wireless earbuds. I cannot recommend these at this stage unless they quickly roll out updates to fix the issue. But seeing the 2-3 month delay in delivering these pods, I doubt they have time to even work out and eliminate the kinks.

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Re: TicPods are garbage!

Post by lowprophyle » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:45 pm

Wow really that unsatisfied with them? I would so buy these pair of earbuds off you.

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