Comparing Ticwatch 2 Vs Ticwatch E

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Comparing Ticwatch 2 Vs Ticwatch E

Post by phoeniks » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:25 am

All in all new Ticwatch S & E are here! As a Ticwatch 2 user, I must say they are nice, but there are some issues. First and foremost - battery life is considerably weaker. TW2 without any problems 1.5 - 2 days, TW E only 18 hours at best at this time. Support claims it should get better over time, so we will see.

TW2 has some really cool features. It may be not Android Wear, but features that I am missing very much are:
- auto lock screen against random touch
- notification after turning my wrist within a few seconds visible without unlocking or touching
- battery saver schedule (currently I have on TW2 that after 22 hours it only shows me basic clock skin till 5:00)
- wristband mode
- widgets for music, weather...
- better quick settings (wifi on/off)
- 3x pushing button to set max brightness for a few seconds
- lower brightness in ambient mode

Is there any change that Mobvoi creates their own launcher to bring us back some of their great features?

What I like on new watch is mainly the possibility to use my mother tongue, that the assistant understands me (more or less) and more features thanks to better communication between the system and phone. TW2 has only limited communication - mainly using quick replies. If TW2 had my (Czech) language support and some good keyboard, I would see no reason for Android Wear at all. Ticwear system is very smooth and I love ceramic and steel body with Qi charging.

Thank you for your work Mobvoi team!

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