Well done Mobvoi! (i mean it)

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Well done Mobvoi! (i mean it)

Post by RemmiDemmi » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:30 am

First of all I'm sorry for everyone who has issues with the product.

I have owned smartwatches right from the start of android wear. This time i didnt want to spend too much on it so i got a Ticwatch e.

And i have to say im super impressed by the quality for that price! Compared to other watches, this one is sleek, simple, pragmatic, maybe not as elegant as others but it just works. Normally i had issues with leather bands becoming ugly with non-removable sweat stains, connectivity issues, performance issues ,etc. And to me the ticwatch is well thought through !

So far i didnt have any issues. Battery life is great! To be fair I dont use the always on display feature but the performance has been great! No stutters or lags etc. Ive had more issues with other devices that costed double the price.

One thing that should/could be improved is the response time of the tilt gesture to activate the display. maybe even adjust the sensivity as well since it doesnt work all the time. (8 of 10 times it does).

So well done so far!

Keep up the great work!


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