Notification dropped on TicWatch E

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Notification dropped on TicWatch E

Post by abc.brown01 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:36 am

​I'm using Mobvoi TicWatch E (Software Details at below) connected to my LG V30+. I was unable to receive notifications, including, but not limited to, WhatsApp, SMS, and Phone Calls.

For WhatsApp messages and SMS, It does show "notifications" in the notification centre when I swipe up from the watch face. However, it would NOT, most of the time, vibrate when the watch face is at sleep. Problem doesn't exist when my watch is awake, which is not often... (How often would you look at your watch?) [Btw, please add support for "Mark as read" for Gmail and SMS on watch like how "Outlook" does]

For Phone Call notifications, I would often receive call notifications seconds before it is about to hang up. ​​"Play phone voice call on watch​"​ was already enabled. My phone is usually connect to 2 (TWO) bluetooth devices, JayBird X3 and TicWatch E. My bluetooth earbuds receives call notifications right away but my watch doesn't. It's the same if my phone connects to the bluetooth earbuds or not. Besides, phone voice audio often was played on the watch but not my bluetooth earbuds, which is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

Please suggest some way to fix it.

Software Information:

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Wear OS by Google            : 1.​​2
Home App                     :
Google Play Services         : 12.6.88 (050300-197970725)
Android OS                   : 8.0.0
Android Security Patch Level : 5 April 2018

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Android Version              : 8.0.0
Android Security Patch Level : 1 April 2018
Kernel Version               : 4.4.78
Software Version             : V20n-HKG-XX
Google Play Services         : 12.6.88 (040400-197970725)
Wear OS Android App          :
[System is up to date]

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Re: Notification dropped on TicWatch E

Post by Spider210 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:12 am

Does it work after restarting the watch for a short period of time? I'm having bluetooth issues on mine where I cannot get notifications or anything for that matter unless I am in range of wifi or I reboot the watch.

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