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High battery drain with offline music

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:49 pm
by heavyarmz
Got my Ticwatch E about a week ago. I'm wondering if I have a faulty watch. Battery drain when I'm listening to offline music (with bluetooth earbuds) is 39% per hour. Some of my workouts last 2 hours, so unless my watch is charged over 80% before I go to the gym, The nearly 40% drain/hour seems a bit excessive. I tried 2 different music apps , and the drain is the same.

My details:
Apps tried: Wear Music and Nav Music
Wifi is on.
Bluetooth is on (for the earbuds)
GPS is off.
Drain: ~39%/hour
Normally, my watch lasts ~30 hours (without listening to music, or doing much with it).

How much does your Ticwatch E (or S) battery drain when listening to offline music, with bluetooth? Want to get comparison numbers, to see if I have a faulty watch.