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(SOLVED) Ticwatch e wall chargers don't work

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:44 pm
by nickhell
Hi, I have a rather new ( 2 weeks) ticwatch e and I only can charge it on a USB port in a computer. And not in all USB ports, only some work.
I have tried also several wall chargers from old devices ( 1amp it's the lower I have) but none work.
Does it happen to you too or have I a defective device/cable?

It was the charging cable. I looked at the contacts of the cable and there was a tiny layer of plastic covering the right side of the contacts (see pic). It was attached to the inside so Its a manufacturing defect. I used a lollipop plastic stick which I previously had made plane to "carve" a bit that plastic to the back of the pins. Now it works with all my chargers despite Amps. 1; 2,1, etc.
Make sure you unplug the cable from outlet before fixing!!!!!!

I hope I dont burn my house because of this MOBVOI!!!!!!