Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

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Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

Post by Mobvoi » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:09 am

The Mobvoi Forum is your go-to place to for official announcements, insider information, questions and discussions with fellow users, tech lovers, and the Mobvoi team!

To ensure that the forum posts are relevant and manageable for our team, please take a look at our forum guidelines and adhere to them when contributing to the platform. Violation of these guidelines will result in temporary suspension or banning from the Mobvoi Forum.

1. Post Relevance
Members should focus their threads on relevant topics of discussion. Threads that include irrelevant or inappropriate topics (e.g. competition, promotion of personal products/services) will be closed by our moderators.

2. Code of Conduct
Members should be respectful when engaging with others. The following actions will not be tolerated on the Mobvoi Forum:
  • Using inappropriate language (e.g. sexually explicit, violent, or other offensive content)
  • Personally attacking other members based on religion, ethnicity, race, gender, political beliefs or any other personal discriminations
  • Spamming threads with repeat posts - Please ensure your posts are constructive
  • Posting with the intention to promote a product or service

Those who fail to respect the above will be suspended/banned from the Mobvoi Forum.

3. Avoid repeating threads
Members are expected to search for similar discussions before starting a new one. There may already be another thread addressing the question you are about to ask.

4. Editing/closing threads
The moderator team reserves the right to edit or remove any thread in the event it violates our guidelines. A member of our team will send a notification to users explaining why a thread has been modified or closed.

Ultimately, we hope to foster a strong community for our members to interact freely with others and discuss topics related to Mobvoi, or any other news that would interest Mobvoi users, AI enthusiasts or anyone who is interested in technology. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to engaging with you guys through the Mobvoi Forum!

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Re: Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

Post by Ranjan » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:17 am

Hi Admin,

Please update me why I am unable to view the forum msgs and also unable to write. Just want to know in the latest update “i entered my mail in link provided with latest update and it shows my name and reward ,but I the estimated date it is showing to be updated. So when we will get the update ??

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Re: Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

Post by jpb » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:43 am

Hi Team Mobvoi,
I have been using your forum a bit now and think you should give its process a bit of consideration.
What use are forum rules or guidelines if any submitted thread or reply is being manually checked by moderators anyway?
I would suggest a quick automated check for offensive language (if possible) and otherwise an immediate submission of threads and replies. This could also be combined with some sort of probationary period - like the firts 5 posts or so being checked and if there are no concerns the following ones are accepted immediatly.
If for some reason there is cause to move or delete a post or thread this can be done afterwards by the moderators (thats what the flag option in the forum is for anyways). Especially moving posts to the relevant threads could help immensly with keeping the supplied information concise and enable users to find relevant threads more quickly.
This process would allow a much more fluent and transparent discussion which I thinks is in everyones best interest.

Kind regards


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Re: Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

Post by HDo1234 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:40 am

I can't creates new post. Struggling to download some apps on my new watch, namely WhatsApp, which I do believe exists for Ticwatch E? It's not in the 'apps on your phone' or in the play store either? Please help.

Many thanks.


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Re: Mobvoi Forum Guidelines

Post by fmulders » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:20 pm

You do not need to install the WhatsApp separately.
If you go to contacts and select one, scroll down to the bottom and there should be the "Send WhatsApp" option.
Or use "Ok Google" and say: Send a whatsApp to "name".

Works like a charm.

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