Runkeeper not compatible with the Pro??

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Runkeeper not compatible with the Pro??

Post by ricthot » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:29 pm

I bought this watch explicitly to use with Runkeeper wear OS version, without having to carry my phone everywhere.
It is up to date and running Wear OS 2.6. Watch is brand new.

From the watch, when searching Runkeeper on Google Play Store, it doesn't find anything.
From a computer, it says Runkeeper isn't compatible with the Ticwatch device ?!?!
There is a wear OS version of that app, I've seen numerous videos of Ticwatch users running Runkeeper.

Only way I seem to be able to get a "Runkeeper" version on the watch is by going to the "apps on phone" section of play store, from the watch, scrolling down to Runkeeper and clicking install.
After installation and starting the Runkeeper from the watch, it asks me if I'll be running with or without the phone.
There is no Runkeeper login option anywhere.
Selecting with or without phone doesn't change anything, it then goes to a "start activity" screen. I can start the activity, pause it, and then stop it. After stopping the activity, all I get is a screen with a checkmark for a second, then back to the watchface.
In Runkeeper, there's nothing recorded...

Any Runkeeper user experienced this as well??

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