Problems with GPS tracking

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Problems with GPS tracking

Post by JanisL » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:47 am

After a long research for best options and best price and performance I decided to buy a TicWatch Pro for my everyday use. I bought it ~1 month ago. At the beginning I was happy because everything was working fine. But now I have spotted that the watch is starting to have problems with GPS tracking history more and more often!

When I am having a tracked running training with default TicExercise application, mostly it gets a wrong GPS information. For example I am starting a training, watch finds a GPS signal (green symbol) and then I start to run. I am running through open fields and not through forest or city streets. After short while I start to see that the distance that I have run is not adequate and the total distance is being counted incorrectly. In place of some 0.5km it is already more than 1km and after several minutes it is already 3km and even more. When taking a look in the GPS tracking info, I see that the recorded route is with some interruptions and crazy straight tracking lines where I haven't been - please see screenshots in attachment. So in the result I have run like 1.5-2km, but the training total shows me 6 to 8 km or even more. Most often this problem appears for running, but sometimes it goes crazy even on Outdoor walking training.

Here are the screenshots -

At the beginning when I bought the watch there were no such issues, but gradually this GPS problem started to appear and now it is more often wrong than correct. I am sad that such a great and not the cheapest watch gets such strange problems with GPS tracking. Even my phone which is usually in my pocket gets more precise GPS tracking history.

Watch settings shows that System is up to date. And yes, watch is getting slower and slower although I am not using ANY applications on it as only the default TicHealth tracking app which track my daily steps, distance and calories. Watchface is the default. Bluetooth is always on with connection to phone.

Does anyone else have problems with errors in GPS tracking?

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