Auto Screen Lock Not Working

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Auto Screen Lock Not Working

Post by lselinger » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:53 pm

Has anyone had their screen lock (when not on wrist) stop working? Recently al of a sudden my screen wont lock with the watch off my wrist and it used to be almost instantaneous. I've tried everything from a reset, to cleaning the contacts/HR sensor etc ... disable/re-enable lock with pin. The only time my watch seems to lock is when either I force it and say lock now, or when I restart the phone.

It certainly seems to impact my ability to use Android Pay (NFC) even though my watch is unlocked all the time, Android pay will either fail and the device will tell me I need to use the chip reader, or it'll ask me again for my PIN. Pretty sure if I can get the autolock figured out and working my AP issues will resolve. Up until this not working, I had 0 issues with Android Pay/NFC.


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