TWP Bluetooh/GPS

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TWP Bluetooh/GPS

Post by chiong.kevin » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:16 pm

i have a few weird issues

1, when connected to Bluetooth, it seems it takes forever for my ticwatch to upload it's Tic Health data onto my phone Mobvoi's app. But when i connected to WiFi, it updated instantly, not instantly instant, but faster than Bluetooth connection.

2. when i work out, i use Strava and TicExercise app on watch, when my TWP connected to phone bluetooth, it took forever to lock on my current location. But i found out, if the watch connected to my phone, i will first open up my Wear OS app on phone, and the location locked right away, but the downside is my WearOS app on phone is running in background, consuming more battery due to both watch and phone GPS are used.

3 Referring to the issue above, i then found out another new method, if i completely turn off the bluetooth/ not pairing with phone, my watch can lock on the location instantly.

4 Refer back to point 1, when i was syncing my Facer watch faces, it seems the Bluetooth connection always down, it takes forever to sync, but sync with WiFi was fine.

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