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New Watch with Potential Power Button Issues

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 12:01 am
by wolf.sabian
Got my watch today. Very excited to replace my old watch with a new one. However i'm experiencing a potential problem with the power button.

-Explanation of my actions, Short list of experience with actions and results below it-

At first it wouldn't turn on, upon trying again eventually it begin to boot up and the loading screen.

I began the process of setting it up by linking accounts, installing/setting up apps, preferences, etc etc.

I then took at look at essential mode... could not get out of it. (Battery Power was 61%) I looked into other people discussing essential mode and being stuck in it, but these in the end appear to be charging issues that were eventually resolved.

I decided to plug it in to my computer and see what happens when it's charging/charged. It began charging and my computer detected a new USB device, a device that was not accessible. I attempted to wake the watch by using the power button, it did not work. The watch eventually did start booting and I found myself in Smart Mode again. (Battery Power 59%)

I decided to try turning it off and the back on. The same issue happened, could not use the power button to turn it back on. After playing with it some more, while it's charging, it eventually booted back up. (Battery power 64%)


Watch did not power/boot up, but eventually did

Watch in Smart Mode
-Gesture turns on screen
-Tapping screen turns on screen
-Function button turns on screen
-Power button does NOT turn on screen
-Power button does NOT open apps list

Essential Mode
-Function button begins heart monitor
-Power button does NOT turn on screen

At this point I'm disappointed.
There appears to clearly be a problem with the power button. Turning off the watch or enabling Essential Mode does not appear to be on option, as I do not know if I can regain full abilities of the watch again.

I of course will be contacting support, but I wanted to make this post to see if anyone else has had a similar issue, and if anyone has any suggestions.

Re: New Watch with Potential Power Button Issues

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 2:51 pm
by wolf.sabian
Just wanted to post an update to this.

The only way to turn on the watch or return it to "smart mode" is to put it on the charger.

I have been in contact with the company and am in the progress of getting the watch replaced with one that works properly.

Re: New Watch with Potential Power Button Issues

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:38 pm
by wolf.sabian
I thought I would update this.

I had 2 small issues with submitting the warrantee claim for my defective watch. The first being I could not attach a video to the claim. I solved this by hosting it online via Google Drive. The second, there was a slight confusion with warrantee department thinking I had the watch for over a year already, but that was corrected quickly.

From the moment I shipped the defective watch to them I had a new one in 2 weeks.

So far it's working great, and hopefully continues to do so for a long time. :)