Ticwatch Pro 2020 Google Pay

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Ticwatch Pro 2020 Google Pay

Post by nchlstoo » Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:54 am


I live in Germany and recently got my Ticwatch Pro 2020. When I tried to find Google Pay, it doesn't show up in the play store or the app drawers/app info. When I tried to use pay enabler and opened it, it shows me that "this app is not compatible with your device anymore". Please help. Google pay works on my phone just fine and my other smartwatches.
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Re: Ticwatch Pro 2020 Google Pay

Post by dnmanes » Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:53 pm

I've had the TicWatch Pro for a few days and except for time keeping, nothing seems to work well:

1. I can't add a second card to Google Pay
(After pressing ADD CARD to add the 2nd card, it first displays "Getting your cards this may take a few minutes" followed by "Now finish
setup on your phone." I am never presented an opportunity to actually enter a 2nd card. I am puzzled why this doesn't work since Google Pay
is a WearOS app- I mean you'd think it would work. I restarted the watch. I refrained from doing a factory reset as I fear I would have to call
my bank to reverify the card...
2. I downloaded TicSleep. Doesn't appear to do anything (except perhaps to sleep 24/7). I guess that's just what it does.
3. TicExercise seems to increase by calories burned by roughly 50%. I have no idea how it comes up with this.
4. I have turned Activity Tracking OFF and disconnected Google Fit. Despite this, Google fit roughly doubles the already inflated calories burned from TicExercise.

On the good side, the watch seems to accurately tell time.



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Re: Ticwatch Pro 2020 Google Pay

Post by wolf.sabian » Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:32 pm

I wonder if it's a regional/country issue. Google Pay working fine on my end. I've had my watch less than a week, no issues with it so far.

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