Ticpods earbuds waranty

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Ticpods earbuds waranty

Post by joelim28 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:41 pm

I am disappointed with the after sales. Placed the order in June 2018 through indiegogo during campaign for blue and orange. Due to production issues, they only sent the product in October 2018. Received an email on 8 October 2018 stating they are rushing for production and will be shipped soon. I received the product in end October 2018z. However, the earpod battery cannot holds for 30mins initially in June 2019. Placed a warranty claim but due to the trouble of return, i monitored the condition further. In early october 2019, it cannot even last for 15minutes. Placed a warranty claims on 16 Oct 2019 and they said is out of warranty. After complaining that i received the product late in Oct 2018, they allowed me to claim warranty stating that my product was shipped out 11 Oct 2018 and is an exception case.
I returned the product for warranty claim and followed the instructions from support team. In email of return instructions, they mentioned that shipping fee is covered by Mobvoi up to USD20. Now after I shipped back and trying to claim shipping, they said i am not entitled as it is an exception case.
I do not understand why they do not honor their email firstly. Secondly, shipping of product to SG takes time and definitely is after 16 Otober 2018 if they shipped out on 11 October 2018. Ideally i should be entitled warranty then based on receipt date. If not next time, other can place their order, they take 6 months to ship or uses slow shipping method which takes 1 month, then warranty is 11 months instead of their so called 12 months.

So i would appreciate Mobvoi look into the matter as it is a reputation issue for them.

If they do not honor, i would strongly suggest everyone not to buy their product. All emails trails are evidence of communication and honoring what they said is definitely appreciated.

Please note all consumer and monitor their condition of after sales.

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