The brand new TicWatc does not work

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The brand new TicWatc does not work

Post by net.joakim » Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:26 pm

Last Saturday (October 3) I bought a TicWatch C2 Mobvo from my own online store. I got it yesterday and since then I have only had problems with the clock. At first, the monitor worked and the installation went well. I set the clock to charge, but the clock heats up and vibrates, but there is no movement on the screen. I put a message to customer support and got some advice from there (1st place the watch on the Charging dock for 1 second, then pick it up and place the watch on the same dock again. Repeat this 5-10 times.
2. Or plug and unplug the USB charger from a computer's USB port 5-10 times, the charge the watch normally for a few minutes. The watch should then start up normally), but neither of them has fixed the problem. It was mentioned from customer support that the fault may be in the charging yard, so I already made a warranty request for this. But is it really the case that I have a faulty song, or is this a common problem and is there still something I can possibly try?

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