Who can I tralk to about warranty support

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Who can I tralk to about warranty support

Post by atunguyd » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:00 am

HI I am really sorry to have to pose this question in the public domain but emailing the mobvoi support email address either results in my emails not being answered or there being confusion around what I am asking.

How can I speak to someone who is at the level of support maanger or someone who can make decisions in the company. I have a Ticwatch 3 GPS that went faulty and needed to be returned under warranty. The warranty process went ok (bit slow) but it was approved and I was asked to send the watch back. I explained in detail to the support person (Mobvoi Maggie) that the postal system in my country is badly broken and items either take 7 to 12 months to arrive or more often than not never arrive and I would be happy to pay for a courier to send and recieve the watch. Mobvoi agreed to this and even offered $20 reimbursement on the courier charged which I was happy to waive.
Now today I see that the replacement has been sent with singapore post which means when it hits my country it will go into the local postal service and I will most likely never see the watch.
From mobvoi's side the ticket is closed and it looks like they are patting themselves on the back on a job well done but I am now sitting with nothing but the knowledge that it is really likely that I will never see the replacement watch.

I am very disappointed by this experience - I was lead to believe by Mobvoi that they would send the watch via courier (at my expense but I was happy with this).

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