Earbuds ANC cut offs & connection fail

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Earbuds ANC cut offs & connection fail

Post by dkakosgr » Mon Jun 27, 2022 4:15 pm

Hello to everyone.

So, I got the new Earbuds ANC almost 4 weeks ago, and everything was running smoothly.
About 2,5 weeks ago, cut offs to the buds began, especially when I had the phone in my pocket.
This is happening nearly 2 minutes after I start playing music, no matter what app I'm using (Power Amp, TuneIn, YouTube Music etc)
Cut offs are in consistent intervals of 5 to 10 seconds apart and for a duration of 1-2 secs each.
If I take my phone out of the pocket, the cut offs suddenly stop.
On top of that, I had the Earbuds paired with my laptop and 2 tv sets. Again, everything was fine, until last week.
The pair exists in the list, but the devices fail to connect.

Any ideas if I can tackle this before requesting replacements?
Thank you in advance

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