Ticpod ANC left bud is dead (no led light at all)

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Ticpod ANC left bud is dead (no led light at all)

Post by felipeuruena » Thu Nov 12, 2020 11:52 am

Hi, my left bud just died after using them some 5-7 times. The led doesnt show any light at all.

This has happened with 3 different ticpods free (after warranty) and again with 2 different ticpods ANC (also after waranty and waiting 2 months for the change)

Why does this continue happening? Is there any solution for this? How do I fix and make the left bud light again?

Right bud works perfectly.

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Re: Ticpod ANC left bud is dead (no led light at all)

Post by GSMITADELAIDE » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:59 pm

You might try this, they may not be paired to each other, so only one is working.

I had a similar issue for last couple of days (*at one point right earbud paired with TV , left one paired with my phone, SIMULTANEOUSLY!).
I got the advice below from an FB post on Mobvoi :

" I had the same problem the procedure is very simple just open the cover, plug in the power cable and unplug it 3 times in a row, after removing the two headphones, it will then connect"

The Earpods needed to pair together or only one would work.

Worked for me, trick seemed to be having the cover OPEN when power cable is plugged in 3x (The day before I followed another set of instructions, I did it closed and it didn't work!).

All the best!

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