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Ticpods 2 won't add to Mobvoi app

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 8:52 pm
by sgchapin
I keep trying to add my new TicPods 2 as a new device in the Mobvoi app so that I can change the functionality of the double tap feature. Each time I try, it prompts me to double-press the button until the lights turn blue, then go to bluetooth and pair my phone with the Ticpods. I do this... an nothing happens. The screen in the Mobvoi app still says "pair with bluetooth" with a "go to bluetooth" button that takes me out of the app and into my iPhone settings.
What gives? Appreciate any help!

Re: Ticpods 2 won't add to Mobvoi app

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:23 am
by garrywadams
When the lights start blinking blue on the case, you should see the TicPods show up on your phone's Bluetooth menu if you try to pair a new device. Your phone will search for available Bluetooth devices, and you should see something like "TicPods 2 D3DF" (or whatever the last few digits of your device serial number are). Select that device and let your phone pair with the headphones.

Once they are paired, you can see or add them to the Mobvoi app to configure settings, etc. but they need to be paired with the phone first.

I don't use an iPhone so I can't give you the exact menu options, but if you've paired a bluetooth device with your iPhone before, the process is very similar.

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