Option 1024 in developer mode

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Re: Option 1024 in developer mode

Post by hansvanthag » Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:40 pm

Guys, w.r.t. my message above, I installed wear-ftp which allows (when wifi-enabled) to just open a windows-explorer for the watch by specifying ftp://<watch_IP>:2221).
Now you can see the existing BeatifullWatches directory (in the watch's root) and you can delete that.
What I did was zip that same BeatifullWatches directory on my phone (using es_file_explorer) and upload it to my google-drive thus allowing me to make the necessary changes on my pc (i.e. delete export/preview/preview_dim/preview_mini folders and rename preview_small to preview_mini) and then just copy that updated folder to the phone-explorer window (thus causing it to be 'ftp-ed' to the watch) ..
So a procedure that doesn't need to downgrade the companion to 4.2.4, yet with a drawback that once you've collected new watchfaces in watchmaker on your phone, you have to redo the above steps to get the info on the watch.
FInally, what I observed is that many of the watchfaces don't have a ambient-mode and just 'pause' the display (e.g. not even updating the time) .. until you re-activate the watchface .. has anybody else noticed that too ?

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Re: Option 1024 in developer mode

Post by pbenitez » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:01 pm

After turned on 1024 mode bt connection with phone is lost. Any tip on how to recover connection? (other than using wifi, which I cannot use right now)

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Re: Option 1024 in developer mode

Post by iSasFTW » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:13 pm

Wait... They gave us this option already? I've been gone for too long, i really need to get my phone repaired :/

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Re: Option 1024 in developer mode

Post by Martynstar » Fri May 05, 2017 9:25 pm

Is there no way to remove all the AW apps and just revert to factory setup?

I tried the 1024 mode and have now decided none of my apps work, so there is no point having them all on it.
If i disable the 1024 mode, factory reset the watch they come back again.

I have just enabled 1024 mode again, uninstalled the apps.
They disappear from the watch!!
Then ill turn off the 1024 mode again and see if they are still there.. Nope looks ok!

Turn developer mode off on the phone app, and sync apps - just to make sure!
No apps are back!
Even when i tried to do this over ADB and wifi - the apps removed but any factory reset they came back - This was with developer mode off on the phone app. So it shouldnt be syncing them!
The only way does seem to remove the apps while in dev mode, then turn dev mode off again!

This will keep the apps you want on the watch and the ones you dont you can then install after its off dev mode again!

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