Ability to enable notifications while charging

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Ability to enable notifications while charging

Post by ak1 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:57 am

Hi jerryeight & the Mobvoi team

I'm loving my Onyx so far (haven't put my Pebble Time back on yet) but I've found a few niggly things....

Having owned a Pebble for years I'm used to 6 days between charging.
I'm still getting used to charging my watch more frequently, (that said, 7am yesterday to 7am today left me with 61% battery remaining, so I'm happy overall).

The issue I've found is that notifications don't seem to pop up while the watch is charging.
This has meant I've missed my morning alarm and important calendar reminders if I charge it overnight.

I understand that vibrating while on the charger may disconnect it (especially with the Onyx & volcano stand) but is there a way to still have notification sounds & on screen prompts for alarms/reminders?

Perhaps the screen could give you an option to swipe left to dismiss or right to snooze for 5 minutes?


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