ticwatch2 review - 2019

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ticwatch2 review - 2019

Post by kvinm » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:38 am

1. Some reviews after using the watch for a good 3 years (and still am). I pledged for it while it was on Kickstarter in 2016.

2. Battery life shortens just a little. All else are working just fine.

3. I bought the TicWatch2 motivated by the promises from mobvoi team that support and enhancement will continue down the years. Current firmware works fine, no issues here. Deeply disappointed that apps and OTA updates has died quickly. I remembered only updating 3-4 times during my usage

4. My greatest irk: I can see only the latest unread messages on my watch, rather than the whole unread thread. I saw that other users had the same issue on this forum since day1 of ticwatch2. No fixes up to today. I paired three phones with the watch so far: Nexus5, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P10

5. I don't know about the newer mobvoi watches. I think that the ticwatch2 still looks great and basic functionality are decently adequate. but apps/fw support is disappointing. The apps offered on mobvoi store are embarrassing. With that, honestly I do not contemplate to purchase another mobvoi watch (sorry mobvoi)

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