Water Lock Mode

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Water Lock Mode

Post by okcredneck » Thu Jul 08, 2021 3:51 pm

I just ordered a Pro 3 GPS last week to possibly replace my Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The key feature I am missing right now is a water lock mode but still have the ability to read notifications. I wear my watch in the shower as well as in the pool. On the Samsung, I can enable water lock mode just by swiping from the top, and then as notifications come in I can still get to them with the rotating bezel since the touch screen is disabled in this mode.

On the Pro3, I played around with not using the screen lock (since it is buried much deeper in the menus and somewhat of a pain to enable/disable quickly). However, when in the shower, any time a splash hits it, it registers as a touch and does something random. I have not yet tried it in the pool. If I turn on screen lock and miss a notification I have to turn it off, get to it, and then turn it back on each time.
Anyone know of a better solution for this use case?

Overall I like the Pro3 slightly better. It's much better at notifications overall, as well as speech to text for replies. Battery has been about the same, maybe slightly better (2.5 days vs 2 on the samsung) in my testing. The Samsung wins on the bezel (didn't care about this at first until I discovered the water issue above), as well as better access to watch faces and they don't require phone companion apps. Samsung Health is also better at tracking sleep - have not yet looked into having the TicSleep app sync to Google Fit somehow.

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Re: Water Lock Mode

Post by garrywadams » Sun Jul 18, 2021 10:43 pm

I enable theater mode if I don't want water to register touches on the screen. it's not quite what you're looking for as you can't see notifications, etc. but it does lock the touch on the screen so it stays off unless you press a button to wake it.

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