TicWatch Pro 3 GPS: Firmware Update

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TicWatch Pro 3 GPS: Firmware Update

Post by Aathif Mahir » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:03 am

Hi Friends,

New Firmware update for TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is available now with Various Enhancements and Bug Fixes. New Firmware version is PYDA.200427.080.MRB.210114.001

1. Support adjusting the essential screen's date format(DD-MM/MM-DD) through the Essential Mode app.
2. Support turning on the backlight through the power button in the essential mode.
3. Support turning off the essential screen's auto-backlight in the Essential Mode app.
4. Enable the notification sound (Can be adjusted in Settings --> Sound --> Ring volume).

1. Improved the speed of the Tilt-to-wake screen by about 1/4 second.
2. Solved the issue where sometimes the steps in the essential mode might be partially lost after restarting.
3. Improved the smoothness of sliding.
4. Optimized the responsive area at the edge of the screen.
5. Reduced the backlight brightness of the essential screen.
6. Improved pairing speed when pairing with Android phones.

Bug Fixes:
1. Solved the issue that the essential screen's backlight could not be lit up by Tilt-to wake under certain circumstances.
2. Fixed the issue that double-clicking the function key sometimes opens other apps instead of Google pay(if Google pay is available in your area).

Rollout Steps:
10%: 2021/01/29
30%: 2021/02/01
50%: 2021/02/03
100%: 2021/02/04

Note: The firmware is staged rollout and availability would vary between users!

Thanks and Stay Safe!