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Bluetooth Connection Issues

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:34 pm
by rkaylor1115
I'm having intermittent issues with my Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS disconnecting from my Motorola Razr. I still get notifications and what not. But if I try to use it to make a call I have to reconnect it through the phones BT. Any suggestions on a long term fix.

Re: Bluetooth Connection Issues

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 12:21 am
by michaelsyfu
I just received my Ticwatch Pro 3 April 26,2021. When I take off my TWP 3 and put it on the nightstand. The Bluetooth connection disconnects maybe in an hour or two. Is this a common problem. My cell phone has the Android 8 Oreo and Bluetooth 5.0.

Re: Bluetooth Connection Issues

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 2:15 pm
by garrywadams
If there's no activity (the watch is sitting on a table) it will go idle to save power.
If the watch is on a charger, it will connect to WiFi and stay active.

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