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Screen Shot?

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 2:06 pm
by oeagleo
I see after searching that someone in January also had this problem, but no offers of help, so I'll try again.
I'm a brand new (less than a week) owner of the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, having come from a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and so far, this watch is a much better watch in terms of features, battery, and about everything else, but of course, evenyone knows that in here. Here's the problem.
I'm sure it's something I haven't turned off/on, but I simply cannot take a screenshot on my watch. I go into the settings of the watch, and I think it's personalization, and enable the screenshot, and it says to push both the power and the Function button at the same time. Absolutely nothing happens there. If I go into the Mobvoi App, and choose ""Watch Screenshot", It flashes "Do not turn off syncing", and then says "No Screenshot". If I go into the WatchOS app, and tap on the 3 little dots, top right corner, and choose "Take screenshot of watch", all that happens is a message "Screenshot request sent". Either none of these work, or I can't find where these screenshots are landing in my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone.
Anyone wanna help before I get in contact with Mobvoi??
THanks in advance

Re: Screen Shot?

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 3:46 pm
by oeagleo
UPDATE: I figured it out, there isn't anything, ANYWHERE that I could find that says that you have to push AND HOLD both buttons down at the same time. Doing that for a couple of seconds, provided a screenshot that I must now transfer/sync to the phone using the Mobvoi app. Extra step from the Samsung, or Apple, but at least it works... (Insert Happy Camper dance here)

Re: Screen Shot?

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 11:42 pm
by garrywadams
Yep, you got it. That takes a screenshot which syncs with the Mobvoi app.

You can also take a screenshot from the WearOS app, but it works a little differently. You have to request the screenshot from your phone in the Wear OS app, and then you get a notification on your phone that you have to click on and choose where to save the file to. The two buttons trick in the Mobvoi app is a little more convenient.

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