Tic products battery life tips

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Tic products battery life tips

Post by Mobvoi » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:19 am

For battery life issues, we recommend that you let your device go through 3 complete charge cycles. To do this, charge your battery to 100% and then allow it to fall to 0% before you reconnect it to the charging cable. Once you do this 3 times in a row, your battery life should improve.

We have a great video: How to optimize and extend battery life on TicWatch smartwatch here:

Here are some battery saving tips that you may find useful:
  1. Watch faces with animation or many complications can reduce battery run time. Third party watch faces have not been rigorously tested for your TicWatch and may increase the operating system load resulting in excessive power consumption and reduced battery run time. Use with caution.
  2. Prevent the screen from lighting up frequently. You can turn off some functions that are not commonly used according to your needs, such as
    • Adjusting the automatic brightness to a fixed brightness (TicWatch Pro/Pro 4G only)
    • Turning OFF the gesture function.
    • Turning OFF tilt to wake
If you still feel your battery life is unacceptable:
Continue charging for 30 minutes after the watch is fully charged, and then restart the watch.
To check your battery condition, charge the watch fully to 100%, enable Airplane mode for one whole night to prevent Wifi from consuming battery, then observe the power consumption. If the consumption is more than 10%, please apply for a warranty via this link: http://support.mobvoi.com/

Applies to:
TicWatch S
TicWatch E
TicWatch C2
TicWatch S2
TicWatch E2
TicWatch Pro
TicWatch Pro 4G
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