Ticwatch Fitness shortcomings, Features suggestions

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Ticwatch Fitness shortcomings, Features suggestions

Post by Solaihs » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:50 am


Just a sidenote - I made this post before but it appears to have been deleted or removed somehow (not sure why, it was approved initially!)

I've been using a Ticwatch Pro since my Fitbit Ionic died about a month ago. I really like the freedom I have compared to the Fitbit in customisation, but find some of the core functionality a bit lacking.

Firstly - Fitness Tracking

The basics are covered here, but only the basics. There isn't any way to add your own presets via the app, with what you'd like to track which is really limiting. Currently I do two activities not listed here, and as such I use the Google Fitness app instead. Honestly I prefer the layout of the Mobvoi one, but the exercises I do aren't in there - they should at least match the stuff Google Fitness offers in my opinon. For example, I tend to go indoor climbing and do stretch/yoga classes as well as the odd run.

What would really solve this for a user though is allowing users to create their own presets, where they can choose what data is collected. Is GPS a requirement? What about elevation? Heart rate? Do you need to do laps? For example with climbing I'd love a button during exercise for a route has begun and then stopped, essentially like laps, but with overall heart rate monitoring. For outdoor climbs altitude would be a cool metric to have.

Secondly - Heart Rate Tracking

There is currently the option for 24 hour heart rate tracking in the app which is good. What would make it a lot better is the ability to change intervals for heart rate tracking. As I mentioned earlier, I use the Google Fitness app to cover workouts, but I have to send data to it via the Mobvoi app for 24h heart rate tracking. It'd be really good to have everything in one place instead.

Essential Screen

I really like that there are two displays, one that's always on and one that is `smart` I find the lack of customisation for what info I want in Essential screen disappointing, if I have 24h heart rate monitoring enabled in the screen why isn't it just displayed on the essential screen? It seems a no brainer to me, at least until you enter power saving mode once the battery is low.

The only other annoyance with the watch I've found is sometimes when I push the button to enable to smart screen it's very slow to wake up. I'm not sure if this is a software issue or not, but it'd be nice if it was immediate.

Looking forward to the successor of the Ticwatch Pro, hopefully the second display is something like what the Amazfit Bip has, that would make this watch perfect.

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