WiFi connect with phone off, how to

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WiFi connect with phone off, how to

Post by edwardsjh » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:28 pm

I hope this isn't a repeat but I couldn't find it using search.
Should you be able to use apps on the watch via WiFi without the phone turned on?
Example: I had previously connected via phone to Joe's WiFi. It required me to check a check box and touch a "connect" button; pretty typical for a restaurant WiFi. I turned off the phone. I then using the Ticwatch E activated Google maps; it opened and showed my location correctly. I then tried to navigate to a nearby store, and the watch message said something like" Turn on phone and try again." I checked the watch WiFi; it had WiFi on "automatic" and "Joe's WiFi, last used."
So a couple of questions. 1. Should I be able to use the watch to navigate (start nav on the watch when phone is off) with the phone off.
2. Was the watch really using WiFi or was it just reporting the last network used?
3. Using only the watch, I cancelled Joe's and reconnected; it showed connected but no internet. So the question is, is there a way without the phone to pull up Joe's sign in page and check the box/touch connect?
I'm basically wanting to navigate using only the watch with the phone off. Thanks!!

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