Ticwatch E - Wear OS. Storage space running out.

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Ticwatch E - Wear OS. Storage space running out.

Post by jgrimm63 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:31 am

My Ticwatch E has the following Wear OS warning message in Notifications:
Wear OS. Storage space running out. Not enough storage for the system. Make sure you have 250Mb of free space and restart.
There is an "Open" button under the warning, which takes me to Storage (sorted by Data Size).

The biggest storage is "Google Play services" with 373 MB, of which Data is 373 MB and Cache is 16.38 kB. The next largest is Wear OS with 38.36 MB.
Can I delete "Google Play services" Data?
What impact will this have on my watch ?

On a side note, when I use Wear OS, on my Android phone, to look at Storage, the app crashes and closes.
That is - open Wear OS, confirm watch is connected, select Advanced Settings, select Watch Storage - crash.
I have updated Wear OS as of 2019-10-23, so it should be the most current version.
Any other way of viewing available Watch storage ? Maybe on the Ticwatch E itself ?

Regards, Jak.

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